Slots for Badges-CCC Users Who Has Done The Impossible (Fan Badges)

well, just added the people who has that badge

no ty :sob:

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thank you :sob:

I got one

Badge Name? and who made it

Menaces To society and Malak made it well yummyorangejuice he changed his user…

The Link: Menaces to society

yep, i need this badge lol

but ur in! u should get the badge soon



Ashton made that change to my username because taylor claimed to be 20 to ethan so i told ethan to ask her what alcoholic beverages she likes and she said orange juice


oH… Well thanks for letting me know, I thought you did :skull:

WOAH :sob:

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afk for a sec

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Pretty much all of my username changes only came from ashton making it up, at first he did it as a joke, and then he continued the joke again and again, it still makes everyone laugh


Orangejuice, Why do I feel like Ashton got inspired from the badge…

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That’s what i’m implying in the post

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What do you mean? My username was changed long ago

That’s why I said I feel

Your feelings are invalid