smash comic images

and… I just zoomed in… that was the only time I used it. It looked funny so I zoomed in on the image.

You guys need to chill and stop teaming up on me.

ok, you can keep Dedede, as long as you don’t use it like @mittens and Kirby

I don’t even want to use it though…

ok, so will you delete it

already did…

ok, now @mittens with Kirby…

he can’t be stopped… he’s on a rampage…

well we will stop him

he is here…



HE IS ON THE HUNT! prepare the guns everyone

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@King_Dawg, you got those things? the weapon we talked about yesterday at lunch?

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prepare the MINIGUNS!!!

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  • I should stay
  • I should leave
  • I don’t even know who you are

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I’m back and if anyone annoys me,(including taking one of my images) everything I made will be destroyed, so vote the right way

But mittens is just a 10 year old boy…

so? he can still be annoying

dat true