the doges' abandoned russian hotel

i see thing in back

smany spooks
i hav com fo mah brooder

Whispers- We forgot to feed the hostage in the basement!

-right!- we will be back

They go to the basement with food

Adidas Doge where is my brother at?

i dun’t knew

Comes back up from the basement

help Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 3.48.36 PM

What the-

Oo god

What have you been sayin?

the many bad

I get that.

nothing only the og’s know @blife450 @Big_Bertha @Frosty

Comes running back into the hotel Guys!

i want to explore U.S.A in google maps


Guys, guys! Don the street there’s an apartment complex who has a pool, and the pool is full of SEWER WATER!!

do you have school or no