Undertale Roleplay (Part 1)

what the flip

Gem Wolf: Hm? Oh Hey Alex! :slight_smile:

*You equip the K N I F E and walk towards Gem Wolf

Gem Wolf: Freezes Alex with spell Ogama ozea!

Gem Wolf: Sorry Bud… We did not make a cake here

*You look at Gem wolf like he is S T U P I D.

or a victom…

I don’t think he knows I am a god right…

Well… sort of

The wolf God: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE everyone looks up in the sky

everyone points at the player
the wolf god erases him from existence

Chara: that was intense

Never mess with the wolf god…


Hmm… I did not plan ahead…

You have to join a clan or somthing like that

You have to ask a admin to create you a clan

like BLIFE?

no like frosty

oh ok