Undertale Roleplay (Part 17) :))


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  1. He sat staring at the person in the train stopped at the station going in the opposite direction. She sat staring ahead, never noticing that she was being watched. Both trains began to move and he knew that in another timeline or in another universe, they had been happy together.

  2. Debbie had taken George for granted for more than fifteen years now. He wasn’t sure what exactly had made him choose this time and place to address the issue, but he decided that now was the time. He looked straight into her eyes and just as she was about to speak, turned away and walked out the door.

  3. The song came from the bathroom belting over the sound of the shower’s running water. It was the same way each day began since he could remember. It listened intently and concluded that the singing today was as terrible as it had ever been.

  4. She had been an angel for coming up on 10 years and in all that time nobody had told her this was possible. The fact that it could ever happen never even entered her mind. Yet there she stood, with the undeniable evidence sitting on the ground before her. Angels could lose their wings.

  5. It was a concerning development that he couldn’t get out of his mind. He’d had many friends throughout his early years and had fond memories of playing with them, but he couldn’t understand how it had all stopped. There was some point as he grew up that he played with each of his friends for the very last time, and he had no idea that it would be the last.

  6. The boxed moved. That was a problem. Peter had packed the box three hours before and there was nothing inside that should make it move. The question now was whether or not Peter was going to open it up and look inside to see why it had moved. The answer to that question was obvious. Peter dropped the package into the mailbox so he would never have to see it again.

  7. The words hadn’t flowed from his fingers for the past few weeks. He never imagined he’d find himself with writer’s block, but here he sat with a blank screen in front of him. That blank screen taunting him day after day had started to play with his mind. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t even type a single word, just one to begin the process and build from there. And yet, he already knew that the eight hours he was prepared to sit in front of his computer today would end with the screen remaining blank.

  8. She reached her goal, exhausted. Even more chilling to her was that the euphoria that she thought she’d feel upon reaching it wasn’t there. Something wasn’t right. Was this the only feeling she’d have for over five years of hard work?

  9. MaryLou wore the tiara with pride. There was something that made doing anything she didn’t really want to do a bit easier when she wore it. She really didn’t care what those staring through the window were thinking as she vacuumed her apartment.

  10. The bowl was filled with fruit. It seemed to be an overabundance of strawberries, but it also included blueberries, raspberries, grapes, and banana slices. This was the meal Sarah had every morning to start her day since she could remember. Why she decided to add chocolate as an option today was still a bit of a surprise, but she had been in the process of deciding she wanted to change her routine. This was a baby step to begin that start.
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