Undertale Roleplay (Part 3)

oof lol

Rp? Im bored


Yay I’m bored and lonely

Im in class and im tired…My plush smells like lavender and its making me tired…
I have a quiz today

thats a big oof,

More like a quiz in 5 minetes (I cant spell

But RP before I have to go afk


A was back at the house

Kae: is walking through snowdin to find something to do

A was coloring in a drawing

(Mainly Im doing this RP because Im going to be giving a lot of hints at A’s life before the players reset


A had colored in a drawing of two taller figures A and a shorter figure…You couldn’t see who they were the marker had gotten wet and had smudged

ima take a guess and say thats Pj, error and ink)

(You got it!

~can we be friends~

A had written the words “My Family” on the top and “Always Remember” on the bottom

i’ll be on later today when im at school, i’ll see you then!)