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Huh :eyes:

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hi yall and yeet

As far as I am aware, the default behavior for Discourse forums when a topic has more than 10,000 posts is to create a “Part 2” topic. If you want to be sure, consider creating a new topic in the Support category on Discourse Meta.

I like that feature.

I don’t think we need to know all that-

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What do you mean? I kept it short. I could’ve made a longer explanation, but that wasn’t necessary.

A much longer post (still on topic, long posts aren’t always bad :slight_smile: )

But what’s the point of that-

What part are you referring to? Could you edit your post to include a quote?

the whole thing-


Hey :wave:


steps to get banned on CCC;


  2. Then u get the mallet


  4. JOE PAPA?

funny how u cant say redrum reversed but u can say redrum

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r e d r u m.


red drum

no, redrum

u know what that means right?

its from The Shining a Stephen King movie