a Vampire and her Elf Servant

the dude in Orange is Quintus, an Elf who was kidnapped and brainwashed by Jasmella into doing stuff for her.

Also, this is Quintus’s Lance:

he never leaves for an adventure without it

i like it!


thanks. his Lance gave me a bit of trouble, but i managed.

just gonna post this for another piece of art of this Vampire and her Elf servant…

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i like ur art


your welcome

did u use laptop, phone, or ipad?

i didn’t make that image i posted.

i got it from an adopt.

still pretty cool tbh

its still cool

here’s these two again:
These two again
looks like poor Quintus can’t catch himself a break…


I made Jasmella, Quintus, and all of Quintus’s brothers:



Here’s Quintus with all four of his brothers, Calixtus, Titus, Zentus, and Rotus.

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maybe u should try gacha club it rlly makes ur character more nice and they can portray thrir emotions more

umm, i already HAVE it. so getting it again would be pointless.

oh ok

ello back how was ur weekend

hello it was good

ya im ored as ehehe