About the Badges category

A category of badge requests.
Make sure to submit your requests only once per week.

All badge requests should contain:

  1. Name of the badge - Displayed after the username
  2. Image - Image that will be displayed on badges page
  3. Description - Text describing your badge. If it’s a fan badge, the description should be something related to game/movie/series/cartoon etc.
  4. Optional but gives you a + in karma, list of users who should have it.

thank you for taking my request @blife450

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All badges that exist are able to be granted, except for awards

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Why can only tl3 user make badge requests now

yeah, i have the same question

can a tl3 pls put devilcore? there’s angelcore so there can be a devilcore



Besties Group
Just for my besties




why the oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOo?

Bc i like the badge

@blife450 why can’t I create a new topic?


hamilton fanss
it’s for the fans of Hamilton Broadway
grant to: @astrid_dreemurr @august_dreemurr and @camiham (aka me)

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You have to be tl3 to make a badge nowadays

oh ok thank you

Because badges may be requested only by TL3 users to limit the number of badges created and to reduce multi-accounts/suspensions on the community

Youtuber Badge
im not much of a drawer…:

You get this badge if you set the link to your youtube channel in the profile to verify your the youtuber it only works if you use a link from the “Youtube Studio”