Act like your zodiac and your getting kidnapped :)

I just wanna see.

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that gives chills

oh come on and twooooooooo
Angry Mad GIF by Pokémon

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U can’t act like a constellation bruh :sob:


really pikachu

I fight chu


mmmmmhmhm no

Don’t reply if you don’t want to do it like- :skull:

not the topic the pikachu gif -_-

I’m talking about the people who reply and don’t want to do it

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ohh -_-

0-0… Bet :person_standing:
Scorpio: Ow- Why you throw me in the truck !? EH anyways where’s the candy ? :person_standing:
hours later
Scorpio: Can we gets some McDonald’s ? NO ???

So im a bish with two heads

I see

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Capricorn:this is not okay

Scorpio: sooo we’re we going ?

Cancer: Cries* I want my mama!

aries: okay, the hell’s going on here?

capricorn:were are we going im bored a f----


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