Age for CCC


There needs to be an age requirement for CCC





How would you confirm the age though?

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Good question

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And how would you prevent children from lying about their age?

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There will be a thing

Ok, so

Child shares age with computer , BUT only the computer sees the age and if person is under age, then they cant join

And to prevent lying

If child enters their age, and the computer says that they are too young, then they cant change their age and enter in the new age that they typed

If they entered the lie age first, then they have TO LIVE WITH THE GUILT OF LYING

and of course mods can try to track down liars


Isn’t ccc like a kids website/app so there’s gonna be kids or sum idk

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Good job!!!

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Oh i always thought it was


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there’s no point in this if 9 y/o 4th graders already joined :skull:


kinda I think

Cuz like idk why it’s just the vibe it’s giving off but eh

ya ig

No, well it’s for all ages
We even have 20-30 y/o’s here- not active ofc
We’ve also had 2nd-graders
I’m assuming that most of the people who make accounts are here only to post ideas or report issues. Either that or they’re inactive
Tbh it’s not often when new people join, make friends, and stick around so-

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Hello. I’m 38 years old.

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And im 42


The small childs wanting to report issues are probably just gonna say “more Sponge Bob cursors” in the #community-creations category