an false-flagging problem im having

recently ive been having problems with these ¨snowflakes¨

first one i have is an flag where i had an pic with an bad word, then @/PuffletDoesStuff told me it wasnt an legal word, and i deleted it (for safety), YET i get flagged despite me replacing it with ¨Bad Word!!!¨
This one was reported for being inappropriate.
second one i had is just me saying ¨nobody cares¨ which was flagged for spam, which what??? ive never sad that more than 1 time

i hope yall can fix these false flags or teach these snowflakes an lesson.


its the people who have never spoken here


notice how they just sit there and have never spoken once


It’s those idiot snowflakes

Go ahead flag me for saying idiot snowflakes

It’s the truth some people on here get offended by nothing unless there just little kids that don’t know better than that’s fine I understand but cmon who flags someone for saying I don’t care? You gotta be the biggest loser ever for flagging that


Kids on here aren’t really able to read so they will do whatever they like

The kids over power us :nerd_face:

There powerful

tbh some ppl on here need to grow thicker skin and stop flagging other ppl just bc they feel offended

Where was this from?

Why did the flag get accepted is what I wonder

The fact someone flagged that triggered me

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mods look at the flagged posts lol

@Noah_The_Egg It happens because mods can see all the history of your post, it’s normal that it was removed. It is still a violation, but in your case not a big one

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ohhh alr i get it

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