Angel And Demon Rp [*Some Romance maybe maybe not*]

No innarapriote stuff and you can be a bully if you want only in rp tho -_-
There will be a time - skip because we start off as

Likes: Ice cream and making Snow angels
Hates: Demons for now
Info: Is a very bright kid and a happy angel and the prince too.
Quotes: “Just keep smiling :smiley:” and “C’mon buddy lets go!”

Can I join?


It has to be a kid there will be a time skip tho


may i join???

yes you can @th0rnbUsh

ok can i show what my character looks like


name: Chandra
shes an angel that doesn’t have wings yet
art is not mine I found it on google

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thanks her full name is chandra makino


do you like my oc its also from Google :sweat_smile:

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is your oc your pfp and if it is I do

My angel oc

wanna try my buddy meter?

Name: ExIaNaz
Height: 4’9
Likes:Being happy and not being bullied
Dislikes: Being bullied for how he hasn’t grown Horns and only has a black scar on his Neck from being abused

so emotional dang i feel bad for him

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