Another Pokemon Cursor

pokemon like flygon and vibrava, togetic and togekiss, reuniclus and duosion might be good :)))

yasssss!!! I agree!!!

hm…pokemon cursors…can anyone tell me is theres
a sylveon cursor. I haven’t seen one and its killing me (not literally ). Also what if they made a poplio (idk how to spell -___-) cursor

You know, there was this person in my neighborhood, they were quite mean to me for liking pokemon i felt like crying :frowning:

popplio and primarina would be good

as of now nope

its been a while tbh. the last one was sirfetch’d

omg my classmates despise pokemon ;-; rip the franchise

ikr, tho hopefully the new seasons will reduce the hate for pokemon.

Added Duosion and Reuniclus Cursor to Pokemon cursor collection

Pokemon Duosion and Reuniclus

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thank you! its design is awesome. T

@blife450 image


Added Vibrava and Flygon Cursor to Pokemon cursor collection

Pokemon Vibrava and Flygon

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could u plz add a sylveon cursor? if not that’s fine but it would be great

ngl i was shocked but thank you

oh btw pokemon_cyndaquil_and_typhlosion_1440

this isn’t typhlosion. The one on the right is quilava.

@blife450 typhlosion looks somthing like this image

Maybe a Dreepy and Dragapult cursor?

drakloak and dragapult will be a better combination than dreepy

Changed names
Thank you!

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