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thanks to Mrs. grammarly you been really nice to the ccc



@Baxter @baldimorelol @mittens @Mercury @Demon_Kitty

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@Child.innit @S0ulMat3 @Azami
I hAvE sUmMoNeD yOu To ThIs

well am leaving today i will really miss the ccc coming back in sep

@Dhwaniiiii @GG_GAMER @Mochi-Berry @Apsar_Haim @Mellow.tone

@UnfairD3M0N @Yu.Nishinoya

Oh, iā€™m gonna miss ya

I hope you do come back

w h a t i s i t?

they going away for summer they said they will be back in september


@Minmoogi @Averine

I know, but i will miss her

@ochoko_uraraka @Cesar_Alvarez

i will miss you to you been so nice you were the first person i talked to in the ccc

NoThIn JuSt SuMmOnEd YoU tO tHiS

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Thanks so muchhhhh