anyone wanna rp mha ?

pls im bored

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Yes plz I would like to be toga



yw, do you wanna start, or would you like me to?

you ded?

You can

alright! ) * running to class *

  • bumps into you *

Toga walking around

Which MHA?
MHA, MHA Community, War Arc, War Arc II, etc?

( my hero acidemia )

Which one tho cuz I vibe with the war arc eras

“hagakure be bussin now that we can see her” mha era

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( idk the original? just get a character and edit them you can make them see hagakure, absolute god powerful, leaders of war, idc )

(can I be shiggy doggo)

( sure! )

yes i can rp with you

yeah sure

this died