Anyone Who plays Gacha life/ Gacha club i am up to making you a cursor!

Just post your character(s) and i’ll make a cursor of them!

Welcome CCC, call me the Gem Wolf

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I have one:
Make him with his sword. His name is Simon.


Alr! Btw, Im kinda new so how do I post…? :flushed:

you just posted something-

:flushed: Oh lol I am stupid

… meep


oh your dateing dream? whatch out, he broke one of my freinds hearts, try not to let him break yours

huh say what now? what do you mean broke their heart? should i be concerned about how dream is not answering any of my messages?

yea, hes a mean, (to me) guy, and to some of my freinds, he broke @LondonBaby heart, he kept being mean to her and not ansering her


uh oh then i am going to block him wait can you block people on here?

well you guys can continyou dateing but just be cautious

i kinda like gacha club.

not a gacha character, but can you make a cursor of nagito komaeda from super danganronpa 2


I have a character

her with a rose

This topic is old

Go watch some grass

Bro i know kids on here that r older than me and still like gacha :raised_hand: