Art Contest #1

among us finger

No, I didn’t


I made it with Picrew
Trigger warning: A lot of blood! I guess blood can be used for a trigger warning

among us finger might be better

TRIGGER WARNING: VERY SPOOKY GHOST :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

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it on google put it has mmm thing want me to put it

Did anyone even see my picture?

dont look if you dont want ![Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 10.49.29 AM|690x434](upload://gWefW4lEWXmzGNkbpljGUvQb03Z.

Blood warning

We already saw it

I reversed google image searched it. Got this:

Ok, it’s just y’all didn’t seem to care so I figured y’all didn’t see it

Holy da mn

I made it with Picrew

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 9.56.57 AM
Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 8.51.32 AM
kris-vs-slime-part-2-0-pixilart (1)

these are the images as of this moment, @Alex_Ocean_Dragon wanna change you pic to the 2020-11-26

shrugs sure why not

ok only 9 more people left that can join

Stop accusing Alex and Malak of stealing the images


wHaT aBoUt mE ;-;