Ask me anything about myself :)

I will answer just about any question, but I will tell you if I don’t wanna answer a question.
So ASK AWAY! :slight_smile:

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why did you make this conversation


are you dead

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I am not dead
and I made this because other peeps are making things like this

am i alive

You decide

@galaxywiings DO U NO… da wae

i am confuzzled explain your question

Its a meme

oh then i won’t answer your question

Are you new?

How old are you?

oiii heyyyy lol
my queston is ; are you roman or greek?

kinda? you make the call

I’m thirteen

lol prolly greek, but i like reading about the romans

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cool! i’m cabin eight , you?

also cabin 8

omg cool!

Bye see you after tomorrow