Ask me Anything: Sushi guy from grubhub ad

Im the sushi guy from the grubhub ad. You may know me as appearing with sushi girl in the delivery dance commercial. Ask me anything. Also my favorite foods are sushi and egg rolls as shown in the commercials

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who are you? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :weary:

did u know i was born on saturday on april 1986 (look up that date >:) )

I don’t know this stranger-



hey how u find my house


i stalk you


Can I be the delivery guy?

I wanna be that guy!

That guy was already me.


I was the one with the gun.

Last year in a nutshell:

You saw the gun in his hand at the end before the screen went black?

No, I was the one with the gun.

OH GOD- Don’t bring California into this.

I already did.

2020 was CRAZY