Background Update idea

I want to make it were there is image backgrounds, not just like dark mode and light mode

Imagine having this as the background:

I want to find a way with @blife450 and his crew of coders how to make this a plugin into the community. This will open up more entertainment!

If this is hard to work with, @blife450 then I will try everything to help. I only know a little of coding but I’m not sure if I am going to be any help. I just hope someday this can be a true new update to our community


… Image backgrounds? Like, instead of just plain black, the text box and stuff will be an image?

Correct it’s like uploading a new pfp for yourself

(I’m just trying to picture this in my mind)

Huh. That… would be kind of entertaining. Though possibly frustrating to read text over.

There are many ways to make that happen and all of them are bad

Themes can be applied only to community engine globally (for all users)
Many users will want their own theme, and we can not add so many themes
Some community features don’t support themes, so they will be lost like online, TL showing on PFP and etc

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Yeah, I thought that someone might say that.

Hm… so there is no way that this type of upgrade will not cause any problems.

Say it will bring more harm than good

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