BBN (Baldi's Basics News!) Vol. 1

Welcome to BBN!
Here’s what happened:

The OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL Baldi Youtooz is here!

Baldi’s Basics Classic just got Officially Remastered!

This REMASTERED version of Baldi’s Basics Classic combines both gameplay of the classic game and the full game.
The game is available now! (sort of lol)

And last but not least… NEW MERCH!!!

Don’t worry, there’s still more to come! HeheHEEH!


nice man! now if only there was a funko of me…


i got one

i have a funko

hey man i have a test can you do me a favor

suspend me for like 20 minutes

Uhhhh i can’t do that
soooooooooo maybe close the tab?


i just downloaded baldi basics

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i hope you get w a c k e d by a r u l e r

and hope you have to j u m p r o p e l e a d i n g y o u t o n o t b e a b l e t o r u n f r o m t h e t e a t c h e r t r y i n g t o w h a c k y o u w i t h a r u l e r


i also put it on my hard drive cuz i cant play it on my school laptop


wait is that… a… youtooz?!?

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i forgot about this…


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