being as we are getting meme emotes now

Yes!! Perfect Idea

I support.

thats another good idea lol

is there a chance of this to happen?

Very unlikely
It is now resulted in to a random meme spam thread


Vote for one new emoji and I’ll add it if it’s appropriate


Guys lets vote for Medk


I mainly was referring to the main post, but if the emoji spam ends up getting too much, you can delete the emoji.

or alternatively, where can i vote?

less go

add wise mystical tree

I swear, you’re milking this too much.

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Kinda forgot about this but here is a poll

  • Yes
  • No

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Well he is a fan of Sly Cooper, so i’d say he is just showing his liking for the series.

i mean, it’s starting to annoy me. you don’t see me going around saying sonic stuff all the time.

who cares if it’s starting to annoy YOU? Let Dash do what he wants to do my god


Ok? So

Just ignore it it’s easy

I’m pretty sure they can post stuff about anything they want

I like it

You do not understand, he does it all the time, i bet he did it when he joined. Normally i would ignore it but he does it way too often

boy bye
no one cares, it’s not effecting you in any way.


it’s just insane.

You guys are getting mad at me for something i said months ago, is this how it’s gonna continue?