being as we are getting meme emotes now

why not have :cheemogus:


thats a good idea

:Susy doge:

I wanna see the Sly Cooper troll face become a Meme Emote on here. In case you guys don’t understand what I’m talking about…

This. Now; I know most of the people on here; if not all of them… have either never heard of the game, or… don’t like them… (BLASPHEMY!!); I think it’s got a bit of potential.

And Besides; funni Raccoon go sneak.

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How about we get these guys as emojis


Yes!! Perfect Idea

I support.

thats another good idea lol

is there a chance of this to happen?

Very unlikely
It is now resulted in to a random meme spam thread


Vote for one new emoji and I’ll add it if it’s appropriate


Guys lets vote for Medk

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I mainly was referring to the main post, but if the emoji spam ends up getting too much, you can delete the emoji.

or alternatively, where can i vote?

less go

add wise mystical tree

I swear, you’re milking this too much.

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