pog vs sus

:poggers: :gun: :sussy:



:sussy: :gun: :poggers:

hes facing the wrong way :skull:

:skull: :gun: :poggers:

do i look like i can fix it?


:headstone: :poggers:

can u stop…

. . . . . . . . . :poggers:. :dash:. . . . . :headstone:.

oh imma hav to us th funi flag

No U Reverse GIF by MOODMAN

to bad, gifs dont work for me (:

Can you just leave- your clearly annoying them

what are these new emotes :sob:

i honestly dont know

what other ones do i not know about??
we got :sussy:, :poggers:, what else?? :cheems:??

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well idk but i hate the new one (:poggers:)

being as we are getting meme emotes now