Bendy And The Ink Machine RP


@Ink_Bendy, someone’s trying to be you…

I’m NOT @Ink_Bendy!

no, but it’s not ok for someone that’s not Bendy to be Bendy…


It’s fine guys. As long as they don’t become an insult to Bendy.

nvm, @RILEY_SKWERES, it’s ok

You can be the dog. I don’t know his name. What’s the dog’s name?

Nah. I have school stuff to do.

It’s a wolf. His name is Boris. I just looked it up.

You can be Boris the Wolf.

this still open? if so, are characters from other media allowed?

can i be alice angell

Can I be boris?


Question: Are characters from other media allowed?
Edit: Just now realizing this is my second time asking.