[ BOCCHI THE ROCK ] Click to get the cute BOCCHI Cursor!

Google Disk Download link:Bocchi.zip - Google Drive

This is one of my favorite pixel paintings. It took me a lot of time to retouch the details, but it’s worth it. Hope you enjoy it. :sunglasses:

**“Everyone should fight for what they love, even in the face of loneliness and frustration.”

This is one of the main themes of the anime, and it is also the life creed of Akagi and the other characters.**" :heart_on_fire:

Do you think I only drew one character? In fact, after I finished drawing bocchi I couldn’t help but draw several more!:joy:
Click to get the cute Yamada Ryo!!!

Google Disk Download link:山田凉.zip - Google Drive


Who doesn’t like Ijichi Nijika ? just grow a pair :relieved:

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虹夏.zip - Google Drive

                                      *THE END*

kita kita!Kita Ikuyo cursor comes !!!

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*Let me tell you a little secret, if you mix them up, you can form your own band!! *
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These are so good

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I love your works asen

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