Bro; The Persona game series makes absolutely no sense. (To me, that is)

I’ve seen memes with a more consistent plotline than Persona 5–

Literally you go from running around a building and bludgeoning robots and monsters; to SLAYING LITERAL ANGELS AND DEATH MACHINES. And then there’s that… Animal they have. It looks like a cat, but NO CAT THAT HAS WALKED THE PLANET IN THE PAST OR PRESENT CAN TRANSFORM INTO A FREAKING SCHOOL BUS-

I’m sorry, but; to me; the game’s plot and storyline makes about as much sense as the Platypus. Which it doesn’t.


A cat that can turn into a bus huh? Sounds a lot like…

At least the games I like have SOME sense of Realism…

Sly Cooper’s got Anthropomorphic Animals instead of people, but at least it takes place on Earth.

I’d think of some other examples, but I’m a bit braindead at the moment.

Is this what you’re talking about?
How Many Legs On The Bus? | Kittens Whiskers

I- No.

Literally the character in your Profile morphs into a bus.

MEHEHEHEEHEh!!! I know i was just jokein’ with ya!

I want this to be REAL!!!
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