bruh military in ohio lettin anyone in 💀


bro thinks he is in fortnite

Dude; these memes are unbelievably dead.

And this is false information; because the military is EXTREMELY strict with who they draft. And they certainly ain’t drafting a fishman.


god :skull:

Besides; The only animals they allow in the Military are service dogs.

Ik; but it’s an Ohio meme, and the memes give our state a bad rep.

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It’s just a joke.

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A joke that I find really dumb.

Look; can’t you people just drop it and stop harassing me about my hatred for Ohio memes?

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yunglimabean is still bringing this jokes alive

If you don’t like it, ignore it.

no bc yalls extreme love for hating on ohio rlly irks me bc of its stupidity and falseness !!


I agree with her, y’know.

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Me who used to live in Ohio, ngl these memes aren’t that funny-


You guys are exaggerating things.

i dont live in ohio currently, but as someone who goes there very often it annoys the hell out of me that ohio jokes are very immature, rude, and unfunny.

most of the people who post these memes have never even been to ohio, how abt yall dont judge a state by any means necessary until you have been there and can vouch its that and this etc etc


exaggerating what exactly? how i feel abt these “memes” ?

It’s gonna die as fast as it started.

it’s supposed to be a joke for a reason… /gen

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theyve been going on for how long now?? a few months?? the alabama thing still hasnt gone away has it? been a few years yeah?


You guys should be calm about this, people like these memes. I’m not trying to say that that the memes are good but if you guys don’t like it then ignore it.