bts & blackpink roleplay.

7th grade is kinda fun lol

8th grade is not :smiley:

Lucky!!! I got a whole bunch of homework today!

i hate homework i didnt even start mine

I’m almost done with mine.

TORDOROKI the love of my life



(Well, when I change my username it means i’m playing with a different character of mine so my character might have a different opinion on you cause I don’t want her to be like Moon)

yea I knew it was you in the first placeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

did everyone forget about the roleplay cries

(But stick to the idea that my character is NOT Moon)

what is this ?

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no Kimmy we didn’t!!! We just got…off topic!!!

ok moon

ohhhh it’s okay

Ohhhhh my covid test came backkkkkkkkk

OH brb imma go eat