bts & blackpink roleplay.

uhm lisa is taken and yeah.

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ohhhh Can I be Jisoo???

shore but you have to change your pfp so i don’t forget.

I don’t want to be a member of both groups, I just want to be a stalker fan that has illegal and dangerous items.

ok I will.

oh shore you can ig lol

Great! I’m not even a fan of k-pop!

lol that’s okay<3

Your nice, I like you!

cough i’m still your favorite friend right…

aww thanks!! :gift_heart:


rat :flushed: :sunglasses:

actually I change my mind. I don’t wanna do the rp so someone else can be Jisoo.

boy again with the rats…

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oh okay!!

rat :rat: :nail_care:

boy…go finish your homework if you didn’t finish it…

i finished it :sunglasses: :rat:

i have no homework lol