Calling all, Halo, The Master chief collection players, or just halo players

I am making a community discord server where i and others will host halo matches of halo and halo alone, any game, any gametype doesn’t matter! DM me on here or DM my discord, Zero_likes_katanas#8309 , tell me that you are responding to this message in the discord dm btw because im dumb lol.

hey @Shifter

InTeNsE gAsp*


HeII YeAh WaT diS abt??

read the caption above the pic lol

oH i See NoW

:skull: :skull:

sAdlY mA xbOx BrOke ;–; BuT imMa BuY A Series S So WhEn I gEt iT I’Ll Be hAppY tO jOin Da SerVeR :]

you type with mixed letters alot lol

yEaH dAt Why I’m fAmoUs


LeTs gEt mOe PpL To JoIn :+1:

go ahead lol

yoo @Red_hood whats up

NoThIng DowN bRo