Can someone tell me how I make my own cursors?

Can someone tell me how I make my own cursors?
Anyone else with questions can post them here if you want.

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no we will not ask other questions here

btw are you talking about adding like drawings or pictures to your cursors and making them your own?

because if so… click on the cursor extension where you would select the cursor you want
when that is clicked, clicked on the bottom right of the pop-up that says upload cursor
you’ll see a pointer and a clicker silhouette, click on the + button
i think it will take you to your file explorer or your saved files depending on your pc
once you have selected wanted one, to use it, you must go back to the cursor selection, and it will be at the top of all the cursors

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  • Add own cursor interface

Open the extension pop-up by clicking the icon in the browser toolbar.
Click the “Upload cursor” button. It will open upload cursor interface.

  • Upload new cursor and pointer

Once you on upload your cursor page press the “+” buttons to add cursor and pointer one after another.
New cursor / pointer pairs will be created automatically.

  • Activating your new cursor

Onсe you have uploaded new cursor, pointer, or cursor pointer pair you can activate them in the main pop-up window in “My Collection” section by clicking on it.
Please note that if you can set only one of the elements, only it will be applied.


  1. Don’t use pictures more than 128x128 pixels;
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Ok thanks but where/ how do you MAKE them or draw them?

uh idk find an app that does that…u cant make the cursors from here


what does that mean

sry use this


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