Can't Uninstall

I’ve been trying everything in my power to find customcursor.exe on my laptop so that I can uninstall it but I can’t. I uninstalled it from the control panel, but it still won’t leave and keeps popping up on my laptop. I don’t want it. Why won’t it uninstall??? Please help.
Doesn’t show in control panel:

Shows in task manager:

With some recent update, Windows disabled the checks if the app is running upon uninstall.
We will fix the installer.
Can you reinstall the app, close it from the app or Windows task manager and uninstall it again?



通过新的 Windows 更新,他们删除了一项功能以检查应用程序是否正在运行,这会导致卸载程序运行,但它无法删除打开的自定义光标进程。

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Unable to uninstall, still exists. Your software cannot be uninstalled at all, it will exist every time you boot.

With the new Windows update, they removed a feature to check whether the application is running, which causes the uninstaller to run, but it cannot delete the opened custom cursor process.
You need to install it again, make sure the application is closed, if you need to check the task manager, and then run uninstall
It will remove it completely

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thanks for the translation

Hi guys i figured out how to completly remove Custom Cursor from windows, for not knowin reasons it cant be deleted in any other way than this one:

  • Open file explorer
  • Get into “This Computer > Ur main disc > users > ur username > AppData > Local > Blife”
  • if u delete Blife folder u ll get rid of Custom Cursor

! IMPORTANT NOTE you must have invisible files disabled to get into the AppData folder !

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So I just stumbled across this post, because the same thing happened to me. If you’re stuck in this situation, I recommend searching Blife in your folders. If you come across it, try to track it down and delete it. This will delete Custom Cursor along with it. If that doesn’t work, try installing and uninstalling Custom Cursor. Afterward, simply try to search for Blife/Custom Cursor in your folders. If no results show up you should be good to go.

That can’t uninstall issue is related to one of the first releases of CC for Windows
In the next versions, we used a different installer and added a deleted app that cleans your PC from all of the remains of that buggy version

So if you run in a bug like that just update
If you want to completely remove CC for Windows, update, then uninstall

If you don’t want to update, just run any system cleaner - it will remove the remains of the buggy version

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In task manager right click on custom cursor, then click open in file location. Then you can uninstall from there.