caught in 4k OoO~

SHare with me anytime u caught someone in 4K!

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ive seen people rob store many times
i didnt do anything bc i was a kid and thought they had a reason


its not great o>o

Screenshot 2022-09-22 4.44.38 PM


._. thats dissturbing-

after my friend left i slapped him UvU

Caught in 4K

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I caught myself in 4k Becuz gUm

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I have tons… :smiley:

u have caught meh in 4K before T-T

mhm! Multiple times! :full_moon_with_face:

Same here

I caught myself posting cringe

Just show the world it >3<

I saw a couple doing “it” in the movies

…oh my…

I came up to them like “bro I’m tryna watch the movie so try another position please”