CCC City

The Mayor Of the CCC City is Nuggy.

The currency of the city is Monopoly Money.

                   Infrastructure Owned by the Government

CCC Town Hall
CCC Court
The Bank Of Money
The CCC Police Station

CCC Hospital

                   Stores, Shops, Restaurants, Ect.

The CCC movie Theater

Yoda’s Snow Cones.

Gem Wolf’s Car Dealership

Electronis Store
Daycare/Pet-care Center

Xaiver’s Candy Store



UWU Hardware

The Kitty Channel Afnan Store

Frosty’s Ice Cream Parlor

Ban’s Ramen Shop

Spidey’s Pizza Shop

Emma’s Breakfast Restaurant

Sakura’s Apartment Complex

Nuggy’s Smoothie Shop

GalaxyCat’s Grocery Store

Rosie’s Pet Store

Ellie’s Coffee Shop

Fett’s Weapon Shop

Ellie’s Wand Shop

The Chicken Nugget Factory and Store (operated by Nuggy)

CCC Resident Services

Abiko’s Thrift Store

William’s Fries

Tamami Okami Restaurant

Galaxy’s Salad Shop

Glitch’s Shadow Shop

The CCC Movie Theater

Cookie Shop

Pfp Shop

Ellies Funko Pop Shop

Adidas Doges Bepis Shop

Tem Shop

                           People of Government

Mayor: @Big_Bertha
Advisor: @rosie_the_shiba
Mayors Body Guards (elite force): @Maverick @GalaxyWings @Homeless.Yoda @itselliegrace50 @Frosty @MOONLITE60
Judge: @UwU_sakura
Anthem singer: @GalaxyWings
Secretary: @Emma_Shaler


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It’s called Abika Thrifting!

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