Ccc needs age restrict

Atleast 9+ or 10+ I’m tired of seeing kids on the ccc breaking rules and won’t stop even if someone ask nicely

I know it’s stupid of me to make this topic but still

Also I’m not saying kids younger than 9 or 10 can’t like add there own cursors to the collection I’m saying they shouldn’t be in the community cuz there to young

But tbh kids are just gonna properly lie about there age now that I think of it…
I mean the person who ask nicely to the kid to stop doesn’t deserve any of that it’s just unfair to me :smiling_face_with_tear:


Yea 10+ is a good restriction

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Ya I seem like that’s at least fair

how would the age restriction work? how would one k n o w the age?

Probably from the Google account

Ya that can work

Most of the time, the age is a LOT more older than how the child’s age

Malak sorry to ask but

Do you think it was right of me to keep telling the kid to stop breaking the rules?

Well, yeah it is right to remind them to not break the rules and follow the guidelines, but if they still proceed you can probably flag depending on the post

I am sorry that I insulted them tho I was propely just mad that they wouldn’t stop thx for understanding tho malak

the TOS say you must be 13+ to use this forum


Really cuz @hrtsforgeto or @g0ld_Tea said there ain’t a age restrict

Oh well shouldn’t @Ny_ana_Taylor who seems to be 7 be banned then?

Well to bad look at the terms and service

Idk it’s a weird story

I didnt know there was a TOS

There is always a TOS or how will there be rules

Scroll at the bottom and you will see the word Terms Of Service