Ccc should have mascots just for fun

Ccc mascots
Sly cooper DashtheWarrior
Kirby Luis7911
Nightwing Night_Wing
Cartoon cat KnotTheGrawx
Baldi baldimorelol
Sonic Noah_Green
Spyro Spyro_The_Dragon
Toy chica @Toy_Chica
Natsuki @Mercury
Goz @MyMelody
Vanny @BadKarMa
Toga @Kaylen_Wright
Technoblade @Technoblade_simp
Bendy @Bendy
Nagatoro @Nagatoro
Batman: @blife450
Creeper Creeperbot33
Sunny/Omori carlthe3rd
Taylor swift Ashhhhhhh

All of these users are like souls of these characters ngl

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Wow we got all the Fandoms!

Indeed we have the best and well known mascots

Hmm ooo I know 1 more Taylor swift!

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Yesss this is so good

Nuggy is clearly gonna show as Taylor swift

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everyone thinks i love vanny lol

all my friends wouldnt agree but ill take it

I mean the only person who can show as vanny would be you tbh



i love so many fnaf characters more then her tbh
I perfer her help wanted stage to

Hello you show as toga


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I choosed vanny well that’s the person you mostly talked about tbh she’s iconic to me

yes i do thank you

Yeah ig lol

yes thats me