Childhood BFFS rp.

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Name: Kailee

Age: 10

Older Age: 18

Birthday: Feb 3rd

S-type: Bi

Older S-type: Les

Like(s) Iced Coffee, Lattes, and sunsets

Dislike(s): People who force her to be together with someone she doesn’t want to be with.

Older her:

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!!! RULES !!!

No Fighting

No Violence

I will pick people to be co-hosts (3 people max)

Romance is allowed

No inappropriate parts

Yes you’re younger selves can be childhood sweethearts

And Enjoy.

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Sad…just sad…

wait this was just made nvm then


Can i join

I’m sorry! I was out of town. Sure.

Can I join?-


Thank you ^^


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Younger Self:

Name: Yumi
Age: 9
Birthday: June 17th
Height: 4’11
Weight: 75 lbs
S-type: ??
Info/Bio: Not insecure AT ALL, confident and peseviering lil girl that LOVES people and doesn’t Care who talks Bad abt her, just returns the Attitude right back at them. U^U
<3: Cats, Bunnies, Milk, Boba, Nice people, Kailee ^^ (Her best Friend), and Her Dad.
</3: Her Mom, Boy cooties >^<, Spiders, and Bugs.
Crush: ? Nobody U^U

Older Self:

Age: 17
Height: 5’2
Weight: 193 lbs
S-type: Lesbian
Info/Bio: Really insecure, a nervous and introverted girl, Kind, Caring, Quiet, “The Nerd” Boys and “Popular” Girls call her, and anxious/skiddish a LOT.
<3: Coffee, Cats, Kailee ^^ (Still her Bestie UvU), Nice, Kind, & Caring people, Cacti & Succulents, having Good Grades, and Studying.
</3: Big Scary Dogs, Boys, Mean people, having Bad Grades, annnd being made Fun of.
Crush: Kailee…^^’

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Np! So you can pick if you want to start now or wait for other people. Any is fine I won’t care.

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Mhm! ^^
We could start it and Meet more people later on?

Sure. You want me to start or you?

Can you?
I’m terrible at starting

Promise me I am too lol but ok.

Walking to the park

Sitting down on a blanket reading in the park

Sits on the bench drawing