Chrome Cursor Glitch?

Hello there, I’m new, I joined because I have a question that I can’t quite figure out.

When I open my Chrome Extension for CC, the dropdown doesn’t expand out fully. It cuts it off completely, giving me no slide or size adjustment indicators to make it bigger.
Now, this just started happening, and wasn’t an issue last night. The only thing that’s different is my computer updated before it shut down.

Here are the newest updates to my computer, if anyone thinks this might be it.
But I have my doubts, and if anyone else is having this glitch/bug, or knows how to fix it, please let me know. I’d be very appreciative! :smile:

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So everyone has this glitch…


I’m having this too! The heck!


yep, it has to be the update they did to chrome


because you will notice that i, too, am having this issue

however, i use the windows app, so i’m not having to deal with this


Is it only on chrome?


the extension is only for chrome, yes
as far as i’m aware, anyway

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however, there is a version you can download for windows


I use the Chrome extension and the Windows version.

Because I can.

Working on it

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Oh man, it’s good to know I’m not the only one, but that also means it double sucks lol.
Thanks @blife450 , we’re looking forward to hearing back! It’s gotta be super frustrating constantly tweaking things whenever Chrome decides to…well, pull a Chrome.

Thanks for the replies, my dudes, I’m glad I was able to bring it to some people’s attention! :smiling_face:

The new version 3.3.1 is in the Chrome Web Store, please update