commissions for happy wheels levels

i can only make one per day

keep it simple folks

i will share the id with the recipient/commissioners name next to it

@Cawtoon_Kat @Luis7911 , im kind of assuming you want something made

you both are for the most part creative

maybe even @Festive_Enderian

I never made a happy wheels level

yes but, im not asking you to

commission something for me to make


Finally I’m unchanged and back to normal… almost, got yo wait for Nuggy to come online to change my name


how does this work-

Bro no longer spooky season /j

you think of a level for me to make on happy wheels and i pick one out of however many there are

oh ok…can it be one with a ton of spikes and guns!?

be creative

dang it ok-

ok so how about one with a bunch of stairs and on each step there is spikes or traps they have to dodge?

theres alot of thos

Please dont ping me at school