Cookie Run Kingdom rp :pug_dance:


Hollyberry Cookie:

Pure Vanilla Cookie:

Dark Cacao Cookie: @pretty-lil-secrets


Moonlight Cookie: @Faithful_thing (Me)

Black Pearl Cookie:

Frost Queen Cookie:

Sea Fairy Cookie:

Super Epics:

Capsaicin Cookie:

Stardust Cookie:

Sherbet Cookie:

Oyster Cookie:

Clotted Cream Cookie:


Kouign-Amann Cookie:

Pastry Cookie:

Twizzly Gummy Cookie:

‎Sorbet Shark Cookie:

Candy Diver Cookie:

‎Black Raisin Cookie:

Raspberry Cookie:

Chili Pepper Cookie:

Espresso Cookie:

Latte Cookie:

Cream Unicorn Cookie:

Strawberry Crepe Cookie:

Dark Choco Cookie:

Almond Cookie:

Tea Knight Cookie:

Cocoa Cookie:

Purple Yam Cookie:

Kumiho Cookie:

Licorice Cookie:

Moon Rabbit Cookie:

Werewolf Cookie:

Herb Cookie:

Mango Cookie:

Vampire Cookie: MY LOVELY BESTIE @Ur-Local-Wife

Cherry Blossom Cookie:

Carol Cookie:

Blueberry Pie Cookie:

Lilac Cookie:

Cotton Cookie:


Adventurer Cookie

Avocado Cookie:

Carrot Cookie:

Clover Cookie:

Devil Cookie:

Knight Cookie:

Pancake Cookie:

Princess Cookie:

Blackberry Cookie:

Alchemist Cookie:

Gumball Cookie:

Onion Cookie:

Carrot Cookie:

Devil Cookie:

Custard Cookie III:

Cherry Bomb Cookie:

Fig Cookie:

Olive Cookie:


Gingerbrave Cookie:

Muscle Cookie:

Ninja Cookie:

Strawberry Cookie:

Wizard Cookie:

Beet Cookie:

And you can be Mont Blanc Cookie (The costume designer.)

Cookie Ships (According to Google):

Sea Fairy x Moonlight

Hollyberry x Dark Cacao

Madeline x Espresso

Raspberry x Princess

Gumball x Mango

Black Raisin x Pastry

Licorice x Pomagranet

Tea Knight Cookie x Frost Queen Cookie

Too lazy to put anymore cause I have been working on this topic since 8:34, going back and forth seeing which rarity belongs to which cookies :sadblob: :sadblob: Any other ships you want, act it out in the rp. Enjoy :)

  • Faithful_thing
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I call vampire cookie


Yasss queen :nail_care:t5:

I called Moonlight Cookie the queen :pug_dance:

Idk much about the game but may i be dark cacao?




Lol ello



Good hbu?

I’m doing just fine >:3

That’s good.


Y’all want to start while we wait for more people to join?

Nvm :skull: