Cool google secret time,!,!,!

Search up “Cordyceps” and press the mushroom button. Nice little surprise there.
But dont search it up if you get disturbed easily.

If you know the Last of Us you know why, but if you don’t, Cordyceps is a fungal virus that uses ants as a host. The images can be disturbing so yeah. Get easily disturbed scared or disgusted dont look it up and fo the secret.


very epic :doughnut:

As a last of us fan i get disturbed watching the fungus creep on my screen like that

But it does have some benefits to it tho

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Also this was added becuase of HBO’s “The Last of Us” series

…lets hope season two makes The Last of Us 2 play out better.


Pro tip: Dont spam click it. Big mistake.

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ngl it’s kinda cool



i did that yesterday