this is my homeland, and the cities here are huge, and beautiful…

Wavemaster: taken by @WaveMaster
Aquamarine: taken by @AquaMarine
Oceaous, me and Aqua’s father (deceased?): open
Star, me and Aqua’s mom: taken by @TheQueenofUwUs

among others!

(if you want a well, more action filled role to play, i’ll pm you about it)

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@Ink_Bendy @Zer-0, do you want to roleplay with me?


so @Zer-0, do you want a part as one of the Water Whirls, or something better?

pinging @everyone doesn’t do anything

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do you want to roleplay with me, @cookiecat?

well who can i be

well, either a Water Whirl, or something better…

(i’ll tell you what that “something better” is in a PM, if you choose #2)

Water Whirls sounds cool

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you should see their larger, and cunning cousins,…

lemme see

see what?

nj yvhbj jn

whats a water whirl


they are a Hydro elemental, and 96% of them are female, and that remaining 4% is male…

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wanna join us?


what role do you want, @Sweetdreams?

i wanna be something different