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they arent the best tho
:chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar:

but cucumbers r healthy

plus i hate chocolate kinda hate ice cream but candy is ok

guys nutella for the win[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]

best food

  • cucmbers
  • chocolate
  • nutella
  • ice cream
  • chese

i did i put a poll

im having toast for lunch

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toast and milk

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nice cup lol

its the only small cup i had
i dont like hello kitty anymore

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it is yummy

I like cucumbers

me too

soooooooooooooo tasty



Im mildly allergic to cucumbers ;-;
Or at least I used to be
But I still like them I just dont eat them a lot ;-;

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Im eating a cucumber right now