Custom Cursor for Windows Feedbacks

Help, it just stopped working out of nowhere and I had to uninstall the whole thing :frowning:

Hi! I installed the app for Windows and it worked fine at first, but the next day (today) when I started my computer I couldn’t access the app. The cursor remains the same I had picked the yesterday, before I turned the PC off, but I can’t locate the app to change it. I tried searching for it in window’s menu and the task manager, but still can’t find it.
I tried to start the set-up wiz again, but it only seemed to “repair” the program and didn’t open the app when it finished. I thought of uninstalling it but I don’t know how.

Any help?

(Just in case it has anything to do with this, I deleted the desktop shortcut after I installed the app yesterday).

Hello @AwesomeHuman
Found an issue in the app with your help, thanks
You need to remove the app thru Windows->Control Panel-> add remove programs
Then install it one more time - it should fix te problem

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Thanks @blife450
I tried what you said and it seemed to work, but when I opened the program 3 seconds later it shut down. I tried doing the process again with no luck. I keep getting an error message. Captura de pantalla 2020-11-19 123350

Try installing this version

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I want to get the default curser back and I do not know how to do it

Press the off button in the app, or change the cursor to any other in the mouse settings

because sometimes it doesn’t work?

I would like it if there was a way to either add a whole collection or transfer from the chrome extention.

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That’s not a bad idea!

We can-

What exactly doesn’t work for you?

Extension uses .png images for cursors, Windows app uses .cur files.
Images are relatively small because Chrome browser cannot display anything more than 128x128 pixels. But Windows can display gigantic cursors that is why cur resolution need to be higher than 128x128. Higher resolution - larger file. So if you will try to add a whole collection to your Custom Cursor for Windows app, it might hang your internet connection for some time

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