Custom Cursor for Windows Feedbacks

Please post your issues and requests for the Windows app of Custom Cursor in this topic.


I want to be able to scroll using touchscreen. Please??


Why was the Windows one removed?

After trying to install the application, my computer’s Avast suddenly warned me and threat-blocked CustomCursor.tmp because it’s infected with IDP.generic…

Screenshot 2020-09-26 191049

It’s a strange issue in Avast with showing false positive on some of its versions, probably free version, same here
Avast has reported being implementing fixes to their DB

You can recheck with the help any av or on virustotal website

Nevermind it’s back

My antivirus doesn’t show that…

como puedo crear un cursor

my antivirus (SMADAV) detects custom cursor for windows as a virus. is this a false positive?

It’s false

Yes, it’s false detection most likely because the file is new to antiviruses
Here are the checks from some of the most common antiviruses

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So, does this mean the app is no longer in beta testing?

Yes. Let us scroll with touchscreen. It will make life easier.

I searched my entire PC for “custom cursor” and it only turned up the installer .msi file. Also, you should consider making this an extension for Mozilla Firefox and downloadable for Mac.

@blife450 I downloaded the Windows installer, and once I installed, I cannot find the Custom Cursor app anywhere. Where does it install it by default? My virus protection did not seem to detect it as a virus or anything like that.



i have a question. do u guys have an app? idk if u do bc im new here


We have a Windows App, Chrome browser extension, and Edge addon

le puedes preguntar a @blife450