Custom Cursor game

What if you made a a custom cursor game where you have to battle other cursors online and you have to move your cursor to avoid obstacles that are red. also when you enter the game you well get regular cursor and you can get coins for winning. to get the cursors you have to go to cursor shop to buy them and your currency are cursor coins. also i have gamemode ideas 1 gamemode: levels mode, in this mode you have to survive until the the timer hits 0. there are going to be 100 diffrent levels with powerups: 2 gamemode: survival, in this mode you have to survive as long as possible. 3 gamemode, PVP. in this mode your opponent can be a real player and if your opponent hits the red obstacle the opponent well lose and you will win. 4 gamemode, clicking mode. in this mode you have to get more click than the opponent to win. does that sound great?

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well there is kinda a game that is based on custom cursor but its more about @carl_henson

i think its a idle game if im correct

its basically a game where you keep clicking things to get points or whatever its really simple and kinda boring…the game that they have

yeah i know but i dont want that kind of game