demon v angel role play

Demon king-me :wink:
Demon queen - @Mr.Forgettable
Demons - @Midnight.Rat
demon maids

queen of cute soft animals @Lady_Strawberry

angel king- @PLSMSNAG
angel queen @Neoma17
angel maids

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@Mr.Forgettable @mother_rose

why did you write angle ? It’s spelled Angel-

shush it mister

open knowledge vintage GIF by Okkult Motion Pictures


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Can i be demon queen i love being rude :eyes:

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im an angle, an angle of demons

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coughs sure coughs

sameeee broo

yeah :dancer::man_dancing:

can i be a demon


Should i make my oc now or later?



lma0 an angle. Are you acute angle :joy:

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yup im a cute angle. :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

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damn bruh why they got to be small

what will they be an obtuse angle :sun_with_face: