~Dream SMP War Roleplay~

                       Wêl¢ðmê †ð †hê §Mþ!!!!

Here are the new and Future Factions!

Old or Fallen Factions…

Tales Of The SMP Factions~

Let Me know which slot/character you want to be! If the character is not on the list let me know and ill add them! Different Au’s are allowed as well!

                          Members Of the SMP!
  • Dream/Nightmare/Dream XD: @Biohazard

  • GeorgeNotFound:

  • Sapnap:

  • Callahan:

  • Awesamdude:

  • DropsByPonk:

  • BadBoyHalo:

  • TommyInnit:

  • Tubbo:

  • Fundy:

  • Punz:

  • Purpled:

  • Wilbur Soot/Alivebur: @Hous

  • Jschlatt/Glatt:

  • Skeppy:

  • Eret:

  • JackManifoldTV:

  • Nihachu:

  • Quackity:

  • Karl Jacobs:

  • HBomb:

  • Technoblade:

  • Antfrost:

  • Ph1LzA:

  • ConnorEatsPants:

  • CaptainPuffy:

  • Ranboo: @Spider-Man / @Ranboo

  • Foolish Gamers:

  • Hannahxxrose:

  • Michaelmcchill"



oki lol


idk if i should be dream or tubbo or ranboo ;-;

depends on who u want most


imma just be Dream


yo the last song on PebbleBrain is one of the songs in Maybe I was Boring

wait what song again

“Its all Futile! Its all Pointless!” is on Maybe I was Boring

its the sextont one that starts with “I’ve lost the passion that comes with living”

whats the same lol

the songs i just named
“Futile” and one of the four songs in “Boring”

oh ok

imma stalk :3

u should join we dont have anyone yet Imfao there’s still basically free range

lol ok also hi XD

hi xD

War :star_struck:

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yes :star_struck: